Madlyn Cazalis

Christian Ngan was speaker at the Islamic Development Bank 40th Anniversary in Saudi Arabia

M. Christian NGAN was speaker at the 3rd Islamic Development Bank Youth Forum during the IDBG 40th Anniversary in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). He was invited to talk about his Success Story in Africa. The theme was "Youth Entrepreneurship: From Job Seekers to Job Creators". The forum was attended by young entrepreneurs, experts of youth entrepreneurship, bankers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurship mentors, managers of various incubators, academics, and other stakeholders across IDB Member Countries. Given his achievements as an entrepreneur, he added a lot of value to the discussion on the subject during the forum and inspired young and aspiring entrepreneurs who attended the forum.

Mr. NGAN was personally discussed on Economic issues with personalities such as :
- M. Amadou BA, Senegalese Minister of the Economy and Finance.
- M. Iya TIDJANI, Cameroon Ambassador in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- M.Abdul DEVENPORT, CEO of Dubai SME, United Arab Emirates 
- Mrs. Anna SAMAKE, Senior Portfolio Manager at Lundin Foundation
- Mrs. Selima AHMED, President of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Mr. Ufuk BATUM, Deputy CEO of Metu Technopolis, Turkey 
- H.E. Maria KIWANUKA, Ugandan Minister of Finance
- Mr. Ahmed EL ALFI, Chairman of Sawari Ventures
- Mr. Shahid MALIK, UK Ex. Minister for Intl. Devpt., Ex Minister of Justice, Ex minister of Interior 
- Dr. Ahmed TIKTIK, Vice President of Islamic Development Bank