Madlyn Cazalis

M. Christian NGAN, CEO of Madlyn Cazalis : Judge at the Anzisha Prize

M. Christian NGAN, CEO of Madlyn Cazalis : Judge at the Anzisha Prize
Christian Ngan, CEO of Madlyn Cazalis was Judge at the Anzisha Prize in Johanesburg, South Africa.

The Anzisha Prize supports entrepreneurs between 15 and 22 years old. Each year, 20 finalists share in $100,000 of prize money to invest in their businesses or projects and join the Anzisha Fellowship through which they receive ongoing support to grow as professionals to expand their enterprises. This year, we received over 500 applications to join the fellowship with which we selected the top 20 who are on their way to Johannesburg for a 10 day accelerator program at African Leadership Academy (ALA).
Some entrepreneurs who have won the Anzisha Prize in the past and are part of our network are Tom Osborn (environmentalist from Kenya), Kola Olajide (education tech specialist from South Africa), and Alain Nteff (maternal health proponent from Cameroun).
The Anzisha Prize is delivered by African Leadership Academy in partnership with Mastercard Foundation.

In order to prepare for their presentations and their fellowship with us, the 20 finalists will be participating in an entrepreneurial leadership accelerator camp from the 13th to the 25th of October 2019 where they work with African Leadership Academy’s entrepreneurial leadership faculty, external business consultants and mentors. The curriculum of the week aims to:
 Ensure finalists understand that entrepreneurs must also be leaders, and ground them in ALA’s approach, values and philosophy for a prosperous Africa.
 Work through key aspects of their business model, strategy, economic and social impact as well as sustainability.
 Provide tools, frameworks and functional skills in the areas of business planning, finance and design thinking.
 Enhance their presentation skills through practice and feedback.
 Provide peer-learning experiences with other amazing young people from across the continent through a buddy system with ALA students.
 Provide tailored, one-on-one mentoring with representatives from Anzisha partner organizations that focus on youth entrepreneurship support in various capacities.
At the end of the accelerator week, finalists will be asked to present their businesses to a panel of six judges.