Madlyn Cazalis

Mr. Christian Ngan (Madlyn Cazalis) is "Get In The Ring - Investment Battle Africa" Finalist

Get in the Ring: The Investment Battle - Africa 

Madlyn Cazalis is one of the 8 Most Promising Start-up in Africa for the "Get in the Ring : The Investment Battle". The company will represent Cameroon.


  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • Uganda

In 2014 the Investment Battle of Get in the Ring will be organized in over 50 countries with over 2,000 participating start-ups. Through 50 National Finals and 8 Regional Finals 8 start-ups will be selected for the International Final. BiD Network will host the Regional Final of Africa, where the 10 most promising African start-ups will compete for one spot in the International Final, taking place on the 21st of November in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Through participation in the National Finals in several African countries, 10 finalists have been selected to move on to the Regional Final of Africa. Entrepreneurs and investors from the whole of Africa will come together in Kigali on the 18th of September to be part of the Investment Battle of Get in the Ring. The winning entrepreneur will participate in the International Final, where the final 8 most promising start-ups in the world will compete to become the world champion and to secure an investment to grow their business.

The Regional Final of Africa of Get in the Ring: the Investment Battle is part of a 3-day event organized by BiD Network and ICT Chamber Rwanda, taking place between 17 and 19 September. Other events of the program are a meet-up for investors and the Glocal Innovation Convention which will feature an innovator space and exhibition and various networking events.

What? The Regional Final of Africa of Get in the Ring: the Investment Battle
When? 18 September 2014
Where? Kigali, Rwanda
For who? All investors who want to meet the most-promising startups of Africa and interested African entrepreneurs who want to meet investors and join this networking event

Get in the Ring: The Investment Battle is the international competition of Get in the Ring, where entrepreneurs face off to secure an investment of up to €1,000,000. The battle takes place between June and November, with the grand finale during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Netherlands on the 21st of November.

Since its origin, The Investment Battle has been the basis of Get in the Ring. The Investment Battle offers great opportunities, both for organisers and participants. The international orientation and the unique way of pitching provide a fruitful ground for inspiration, networking and investments.



Date | 01.06.2014 - 07-10-2014
Location | Click here to see where your Nationals are organised.
Organiser | National Host

The Nationals are organised by the National Hosts. Each National Host selects the best entrepreneurs in their country. Since the Nationals are the responsibility of the hosts, the registration deadline can vary per country and region. Please take a look at the National Hosts for more information about the registration deadline for each country.

If there is no National Host in your region contact


Date | 01.09.2014 - 17-11-2014
Location | Click here to see where your Regional Final is organised.
Organiser | Regional Host

Regional Finals are new in 2014 and will be organised in seven regions by Regional Hosts. During a Get in the Ring styled event the winner of the Region will be directly selected for the International Final of Get in the Ring.

* The winners of the Nationals are not directly selected for the Regional Finals. The Regional Host will select 8 startups from all winners of the Nationals in their region.


Date | 21.11.2014
Location | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Organiser | Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

The grand finale of The Investment Battle, Face the Champions, will take place in Rotterdam during the Global Entrepreneurship Week. In front of a jury of four international Champions entrepreneurs will try to secure an investment up to €1,000,000. An audience of over 700 entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and students will be watching the eight finalists battling in the ring.

* The finalists will have a special meetup on the 20th of November. Here they will be prepared to Face the Champions.